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Welcome to

and Sound Healing Cape Cod


Come in: please explore, enjoy and feel free to contact and ask questions and benefit from these amazing products, blogs and services. Thank you for Visiting!


Sound Healing or Sound Vibrational Therapy

In Studio Sessions - Individualized Energy Sessions including: Reiki, Akashic, Quantum healing, Past-life and Theta healing, Sound healing, Vibrational Therapy and more! All sessions uniquely created for you are available by appointment. Gift Certificates are also available.


Chi-Flow Restoration

Research Center


A noninvasive and non-medical facility with a 

continuing and interactive focus into wellness,

homeostasis, and wellbeing from an energy

flow and self-empowerment standpoint. I offer a

unique and guided perceptual understanding of your

energy systems flow based in 25 years of studying

the Human energy systems and spiritual practices.

This is for anyone who desires to feel better and

experience less or no discomfort as allowed by your

own willingness and capabilities to do so. We can

work for your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being with the goal/s you set.



In science, Negentropy is the opposite of entropy. It is defining the open source architecture of free energy made available to replenish any loss of energy that may occur in the management of a system, in order to retain its balanced functioning in all of its component parts. Negentropy is increasing energy over time within any kind of system, and making more energy available to be circulated for the overall benefit of the whole (humanity). This makes the tendency of those systems increasingly organized and more efficient, due to gradual energy increases made available to those systems in order to achieve sustainable levels of functioning. In human bodily systems, Negentropy increases the available energy to more efficiently run the internal systems, which manifest externally, as a balanced, clear and healthy person. Negentropy, or growing the available energy access given to that system, improves or maintains the higher capacity and efficiency of the whole system. Negentropy can be thought of in terms that are synonymous with free energy circulation with the infinite and internal energy source, cosmic order, synchronous alignment, and the sustainability of open source systems.

The Universe Is In Constant Motion


What in your life is not moving? How is that affecting your joyful or potentially fulfilling experience here? What blockages are not allowing your full clarity, cognizance or movement? What blockages are creating discomfort, condition or worse? Are you tired of feeling sluggish or not at your peak? Let’s get you moving!

Using Hermetic Principles


Along with organic methods; I use hermetic principles to identify, access, interpret and act upon the chi -flow blockages with the focus of counteracting the resonant resistances through sound, frequency, supplements and energy movement.

Ancient, Organic and Ultramodern Non-medical Technologies


The ancients utilized many methods of energy movement with educational, vibrational, supplemental, herbal, sound, and intention to create a gentler more organic movement of subtle energies that influence the body physical. Some of the latest and cutting-edge technologies have begun to flow into the marketplace for the past several decades. Light therapy, sound, radionics, magnetic, pulsed electromagnetic frequency machines, patches, vaping, supplements, frequencies, sonar, etc. have been trickling in virtually unannounced. Many of these once previously strictly medical and experimental technologies are now being offered as home therapies. Rev. Paul Zoino-OM – DBA Frequency528Hertz – The frequency of unconditional love; of which has no possibility of attachment or expectations. 

Frequency528Hertz and Sound Healing Cape Cod are both Private Membership Faith based Associations; combined as one under Way Shower Ministries.
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