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2) You are the Miracle

2) A new understanding: Affirmation- I am the miracle I was born to be!

The human being is a jewel of creation. Like a star in the night sky; you are an expression of balance in proportion of dark and light energy. You are this and so much more. Because you are a self generating light from within; the Oneness of all things is the out-picturing of the density experience or the sum of experiences in the format of the density body over a set period or lifetime. This universe is cyclical in nature and you

are currently in a rebuilding cycle. In this current cycle you are rebuilding your consciousness back up from previous states and levels of knowingness of your own totality. As part of the Earth experience you have fallen in consciousness. If you can’t yet remember this, it is because you believe that you are trapped in a RNA/DNA body much like a suit. When any one primary of creation surpasses the density phase of the Earth life experience; a dormant lightship capability is revealed. It is your primary and underlying cosmic blueprint of this life form choice in this universe. You are in a constant state of potential flux and only limited by your belief system. Drop the belief system and your perspective

will then change. You were programmed into your beliefs by family and society as your acceptable consciousness parameters. You either accepted them or not and were subjected to or not subjected to fear based responses and technologies depending on your level of acceptance of this programming.

A miracle is simply a change in perspective accepted by you. Only then can false realities be revealed as such and and new horizons can then appear.

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