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5) Have I been here before this lifetime?

Yes! Affirmation: I am self empowered, guided and fully engaged in the perfect plan that is in motion!

I have been here before and this is just a process of reintegration and remembering.

How could common sense be common without a deeper hidden memory? Action:

I choose to be love and the source of all good things in my life and affairs and I choose health, happiness, abundance in all ways and to focus on only what is in my highest and best good with the recognition of the highest and best of all concerned. I understand that what is best for me is what is best for you and vise versa. Being empowered puts me in the best position to positively affect any change necessary to enhance my own and everyone’s

experience in any aspect of physical existence. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and if I have been here before I need no fear of death and certainly not fearing Life and living it to the fullest.

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