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6) Entering the present moment

Affirmation: I am here now fully awake to Who I Am!

The healing process of paradox perspective remedy reality is here now! What ? wait..What ? Who’s process is this anyway? I didn’t start this. I didn’t do this. I didn’t create this. What do you mean something has occurred? I would never have done this to me. So, how can this be?

We have to begin at the beginning. If there really is more here to consciousness or that there are consciousness aspects that have never lost the higher perspectives and missing pieces to the puzzle of Life, then; One inevitably has to surrender to letting go of any notion one has a good bead on things. There have been magnetic pole reversals here on this planet many times and because all memory is subject to magnetics; unless a being was alive (in body) through all of these reversals then a full memory would

not be possible. The full nature of multidimensional living and humanity’s limited; although, developing DNA structure. You as a developing and subsequently, redeveloping species,

IE: the fall of Man, could only access a limited level of the available electromagnetic spectrums.

This universe is also in constant expansion. You are also, cycling in it. Your galaxy is in constant motion within this universe. It is moving into areas that are now and have been for eons gaining many forms and varieties of available spectrums.There was a time during the timeline wars that timeline quarantine was deemed imperative and put in place. This is experienced as a huge limitation to any possibility of recognizing the true scope and nature of available information and the recognition of multiple timeline perspectives. So ease up on yourself here, because there is a lot here to catch up on.

Disbelief in this information is the natural response. Judgment is too, however, you will be rewarded in making the attempt and open to your greater understanding here. This information stated can certainly be regarded as in the realm of potentials in the light of your willingness to expand your scope of potential intellect. The measure of truth presents itself only when one takes into account the age of this universe, it’s scope and size. We exist in the light of the billions of years of existence and the size of this Universe’s experiential record is extensive.The expanse that the universe encompasses with the true nature of the freewill based Universal laws; together with the scope of the unlimited amount of consciousness's that have continually been making freewill choices over the eons is not something that you can truly grasp. We also consistently involved ourselves in the totality of free will politics. If you take all this all into account: The totality of this information then becomes the probability not the impossibility.

Back to what is relevant here now on planet Earth. There is now in play what has been termed or coined as “the shift of the ages”. This is the event that did occur on 12/21/2012. This timeline reintegration was experienced to am extremely varied degree and only by

the ones who has been brought here to anchor these shift energies and by the ones who tirelessly infused enough loving light energy into their cellular structures to effect a DNA activation.

This is far more easily understood as those who love themselves more than the belief system programming programmed them with fear. In other words their cellular light level was over 50 %. The Earth experience has since then never been the same. One needs not look deep to recognize the massive changes and upheavals being experienced on every level of what was a seemingly cohesive reality. If you are reading this now you do not have to look hard to see everything is collapsing and is being restructured.

Earth Mother Sophia Gaia is a conscious, living, breathing planetary consciousness being whom has already shifted into universal time reality perspective. She is graciously awaiting her children to follow her or fall away and be reborn in the next new creational dimentionality experience.

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