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4) A new attitude: Affirmation: Unlimited energy surrounds me. I am unlimited in my potentials!

The belief system in itself is the creation of the solid world. Being in a body means you can move and experience directly.

A belief system is a very powerful and convincing projection. It is a combination of your mental and emotional bodies in synchronization.

Density or form is created through a process that begins first as light, then sound and then vibration. The stepping down of electrons into vibration from the pulsed state.This is the action that reduced electron speed creates. It is called density. This is the bringing into form of atoms which can be molded into greater forms through intentional creation. Matter as density and form are then finish construction through the elemental processes that manifest them into the dense reality we know as third dimensional reality.

The human RNA/DNA suit is well versed in a multitude of electromagnetic formats. It is currently re-expanding back to capabilities in potentials of the hundreds of thousands of electromagnetic spectrum potentials. Most of these spectrums are multidimensional and are are so subtle that they surpass any present human understanding. The current scientific belief is that approximately 90% of human DNA is junk DNA.

The emotional body is the magnetic substrate or the foundation holding the potential for the substance or substrata of matter. The mental body activates or fills the creation with its' interactions of how the creation will manifest or what it will manifest as. This is in cooperation with the elemental operational processes.

The process of electromagnetic creation is the combination of the Feeling body (magnetic) and the Mental body (electric) of which creates the Belief body. Any belief system is valid and is not a block to the creation process until it becomes rigid and eventually stagnant. Resistance or refusal to adhere to the back-round belief system costs tremendous personal power. Being flexible or accepting to a belief system change can and add to your valuable energy and eventually your health levels directly.

The highest and best for myself and the highest and best for all others is an example of an open ended and progressive attitude adaptation. Affirmations work to synchronize to the higher self perspectives, focuses and lenses. One can make the distinction of what is potentially an enhanced perceptual bio-field or a bio-formatted experience that is limited. We are our best friends or our worst enemy in this creations' process. The choice is simply to rise or fall. I trust that if you made it this far in this article, that you will also choose joy, wellness and choose to be happy, by creating and flowing with the most genuine you the Creator created you to be. Hugs from Cape Cod!

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