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Becoming The Captain of Your Own Ship

By taking on the tenants and aligning with the Creator you are and co-creating life in a manor that the loving Creator of who you are, has always intended for all of us. Presence leads to Presents. Your Spiritual path is literally littered with presents like every day is Christmas! Living in a combination of unconditional love, sacred neutral and if necessary zero point, is the beginning of the understandings that Life will present themselves to you uniquely. This is also moving from living mind centered to living heart centered. It is the initial activation of your preprogrammed DNA blueprint of perfection that activates what has been termed “Jacob’s Ladder”. The most beautiful part of this information is that we all get to do it as individuals experiencing ourselves as separate drops of a unified Ocean. Being the most genuine you has always been living the perfection that you were created to be. You were originally created as a soul and awareness that is perfectly unique.

Living Life fashion forward is navigating the now moment consciously as an awakened designer of your experiences. It starts by becoming the Captain of your own ship and not letting anyone to make your decisions about anything. Becoming aware of what you are and what you are not is the alignment necessary for you becoming responsible of and for, your mind, feelings and belief systems. As the captain, you get to decide if you would like to flow with the wind and current or go against any flow, go upstream or down, chart one or many particular courses, decide to anchor down or anchor up. You get to decide who your shipmates are and what waters to sail and what treasure to hunt. These are some of the huge advantages offered to you by becoming self aware. If you live fashion forward, your higher self becomes the player and you level up to advise the captain on the best possible course of action.

You, the awakened one, can now project into this simulation from unlimited potential! Unlimited potential is here in every moment and in every breath. There are two still-points in every complete breath. Your avatar body or corporeal body is made of trillions of individual cells with billions of simultaneous processes happening in each second! Each cell has individual DNA that has the memory storage capacity of approximately a 100 lifetime library of data! Lets face facts here; You already are the miracle! There is nothing to do to fix this. There is only the choices that you can let go to in this ultimate potential to eliminate the resistance to this opportunity we call an individual lifetime.

Your beingness is a combination of the elements. The physical body is made from stardust and universal intelligence called The Logos. Your bodies in the one physical body are a consciousness combination of fire, water, crystal, electric, plant, earth, radionic, ionic, plasmic, magnetic, salts, other bio-metric lifeforms, chemical combinations and metals. Your feeling body is primarily magnetic, but also electric, etheric, radionic, fire and plasmic. The mental body is primarily electric, but is also elemental, etheric and radionic. The belief body is a combination of the mental and feeling bodies. When the mental and feeling bodies combined with the physical body they are exponential in the power to create. Your Spirit is your fuel, self control and common sense your transmission, acceleration and braking system, your intuition the guidance system, your will the driver.

It is in this combination that creates the universe that you play in! We are consciousness transceivers and manipulators of the frequencies that create matter. We create matter through frequency modulation that creates the vibration that in turn, creates the matter. This is how we create here in this zone (simulation). The heart is your most powerful frequency generator. It is approximately 5000 times magnetically stronger than the supercomputer we call the mind. Your creator consciousness through your heart together with your mind creates intention. By your intention to live and create in this zone (simulation) modulates the medium of space to create matter according to your and the collective belief system of this zone. Changing the frequency however, changes the matter and your attraction to others will change also. Raising your vibration raises the potentials, so naturally your relationships will also follow suite. One can achieve experience of and levels of abilities to learn anything, especially with like minded company. You are only limited by what has yet to be the power that you grant yourself and the experiences that you are willing to expand into. It only depends on the dissolution of the resistance to the consciousness of it or not and with the co-creative abilities of you and your companions. Life is constantly evolving to achieve states of unlimited consciousness expansion.

I asked the Big G, who are you? I received three answers. I Am the I Am, I am You and I am LIFE. Becoming the captain of your own ship is understanding that you are the beloved son or daughter of the Divine energy of creation. Breath is Life. Love is the glue that holds this place together and expands it unceasingly. Everything is cycles. The smallest is the largest on an endless scale. Every individual part contains the whole. Perfect aerodynamics direct all experience through correspondence. Everything is polarized as two ends of the same rope. Everything is in constant motion. Everything was created from one and everything is the one that created it. You were always captain of your own ship probably without even realizing it.

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