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How to Exit the Mind Matrix

How to Exit the Mind Matrix

In short, we are not our minds. We are preprogrammed to be Mind centric/Mind electric. This is the Maya or the great forgetting. Each stimuli impulse that we experience from the outside of us plays as a recording in our mind. Each stimulus is as an input, like a letter being typed into a computer. You hit a letter on the keyboard and a letter shows up on the screen. By typing that letter, a stimulus is created and electrically sent by coding. That is done in the processor. The processor creates a digital signal and sends it to the screen. This is seemingly instantaneous as these electric signals travel at the speed of electricity. This is an illusion however to what can be considered real time. Real time is the point of creation and not the point of realization. Realization is four steps behind.

All matter exists in a vibrational field. We know this as it has been demonstrated through science and physics. We know everything is energy composed of atoms and atoms hold little to no mass for their size. The actual mass of an atom is only theorized. The theory holds that is a tiny bit that exists only in its center. Each atoms mass would be the equivalent of you standing at the middle of the 50-yard line in a full-size stadium.

The grey matter of the brain comprises only up to 15 % of the useful part of the brain. The Glia brain is the higher functioning aspect. One must build the Glia brain, build the connection to it and use it gain access to the universal coding and upgrade the human experience.

This is done by feeding the Glia brain and opening the pathways in the physical body and brain via nutrition, breath-work, exercise, yoga, connection to yoga or movement ect. The Myelitis and Meridian system is a communication highway in the body to this process. De-calcification of the pineal and the pituitary glands are the opening to the chemical processes that support this personal expansion. Yoga, breath-work and connection with Nature will help tremendously in this process. Energy work, meditation and spiritual and emotional empowerment will do the rest. Once this process begins the DNA is preprogrammed to lead us through this process.

When Albert Einstein’s brain was exhumed immediately after his death and examined, his brain only differed to a “average brain” by the amount of Glia cells. His Glia brain cell count were approximately double those of everyone considered average.

The U-universe is you. Let’s break this down. If One knocks on a door or touches a flower, (step 1) stimuli is created and sent to our brain via and electric signal. We as humans have five basic stimuli avenues to receive these signals. Sight, sound, feel, taste and smell are the gross or basic receptors. I see, touch, smell or even taste the flower, then coded electric signals travel to a specific area of the brain via the nervous system. (Step 2) The signal is then changed to a different signal and with even more coding added. (Step 3) This signal is sent to the black box in the back of the brain that plays it all back in surround sound style. (Step 4) We then experience this as a flower or a knock at the door and send that to our memory and knowledge section of the brain to have the recognition of the experience. We now have created an experience. (Step 5) The experience being created is now processed as a program file that is the reality for those who are not aware that this is process. Those that accept the gross experience as reality are existing 5 steps behind Creation in real time.

Life is but a dream that we create with our minds, but who is the dreamer? We are the dream and the dreamer. It is time to wake up to not only being the experiencer, but also the Creator!

To access this grander inheritance of who we really are; One must come to the recognition of our multidimensionality. We are not solely the tiny drop of the Ocean. We are only currently choosing to experience in that way. We can, however, gain enough momentum through coexisting in the universal mind to experience as the Ocean of who we are to overcome this process.

To accomplish this, we must let go of all the programs that you are not connected to everything and everyone. These are the limiting programs that have created separation from the universal truths. All universal truths have been laid out for you for thousands of years in the Hermetic principles, Cosmic laws, Natural Law and the Law of One.

By utilizing insight, knowledge, intuition, body awareness and universal connection; we can break free of the Maya and the dream. These avenues being the subtler avenues of interpreting this Zone of reality called third dimensional reality. We can bypass the speed of light in third dimension by accessing the faster than speed of light in the higher dimensions. The Law of Love is one such Law that allows us to travel at the speed of thought and have instantaneous communication.

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