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1) How to heal yourself Step One

1) Take control of yourself: Affirmation – I am the One!

The energy of Life that is so freely given is yours to do what you choose. You are a primary creation. You are at present a carbon copy of Prime Creator in morphic resonance field format. You are experiencing yourself at present in a constant state of flux or shift. Your creation is expanded and changing in every breath. You are a spark of divine creation. You are a light beam injected into a body suit in this universe in connection with all other universes. You are the many and the One. You are experiencing yourself in a multitude of ways on multiple dimensions in multiple timelines in multiple bodies. This is happening in now time and is experienced in the macro-cosmic and hence, micro-cosmic format. You are also, however and quite literally: exactly what you say, think and feel that you are based solely in your own belief system. You are experiencing consciousness in the format that you are programming yourself into and/or allowing yourself to experience in. If this makes you nervous finding out that you may be in charge of yourself, your perception and your circumstances in this experience that you call your life or your world, then that may explain

fear as a tool of consciousness and possibly why you have allowed yourself to take others wisdom as truth over your own. This may also explain that allowing the reflection of your world becoming more powerful than the attention to your inner guidance has led you to this “seeking of greater consciousness”. All answers are within and are readily available when you 1) show up for yourself. 2) Get in alignment within, And 3) Connect to the greater part of who you are. This puts you in the space that only answers and solutions exist! Welcome to the 5th dimension.

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