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I Am, The Oneness of all things

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

What we are learning is possible does not have anything to do with what is possible. We are simply learning at our own pace. What we hold back from; for any reason, is only what we choose and what keeps us on track for what we are ready for next.

Our purest mirrors of experiences with people, events and situations are merely our creational opportunities for our next level evolution to occur. I have yet to recognize all my aspects as my creation, what that means or how they fit is my attention’s process of the ongoing acceptance and my efforts towards reducing any resistance to Life’s communication with me, we, us, them.

As I let go to all there is, I can recognize that I am is all there is.

What is, has been and will be created, is created with the energies of the Universal body and the movement forces within it. We are the Dream and the Dreamer.

If I ask, is this mine? for I would never have created this or that; Am I to take responsibility for that I would never create? The forces of anti-life are such an example. Can we have creation without malevolence and wanton destruction? I say yes.

Can I create with complimentary elements that produce consistent harmonious positive complimentary systems? I say yes. Are there connections that can be made to move humanity forward at the pace this Solar system is requiring? I say yes. If I am Oneness of all things then what are we waiting for?

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