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Inner Child

Remembering the purity of beingness is essential to our moving forward into the new Earth paradigm. We are destined for this as we were born from pure innocence and has been the Cosmic plan right along. A baby has nothing but light when it incarnates or reincarnates upon the Earth for a new cycle of experiences. We are all born of Sunlight and Starlight dust through an imperfect lens. Our now earth experience is presently from being born of our parents in the form of the carbon-based format. The carbon atom being 666 is presently being transmuted to its higher configuration which is light based through our crystalline bodies as 667. The Earths magnetic shield is dropping very quickly allowing for the huge influx of cosmic energies to bombard the Earth plane. This is the mutational energy that is in play at breakneck speed.

Carbon based lifeforms are a product of vibrational density. It was not always that way as previous incarnations of light-based births were the norm many eons ago in the chronicles of previous creations. This was at one point reset to a new integration of evolution based in Earth’s evolutionary process, but that is another story (Gaia’s story).

The Inner child embodies the purity and retains the pure memory of the perfection of creation through it's eyes. The inner child is one of purity and innocence of heaven. The imperfection of the genetics received through the parents at physical birth creates the lenses of that individual’s karmic template. This is the illusion of fate, status and all forms of lack. All perceived degradation of our actual circumstances and experiences of less than, is simply from choosing for a lens of illusion. Genetics are changed and overwritten by personal choice. A child of an alcoholic set of parents can choose to never drink.

It is time to recapture your pure essence template through realignment with the inner child.

The re-birthing technique is one primary way of doing this, however, there are many. One simply has to go within and find their little One. By choosing to spend time with this aspect of yourself and give it the love, encouragement and support that it desires, can catapult one on immense forward Spiritual gains. Love heals all things. The physical universes template still hold perfection in its original blueprint in dimensional form. That includes you!

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