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Natural Immunity is due to critical thinking.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I Am made us perfectly. When I am the most genuine me that I was created to be; I am complete, protected, informed, healthy, resourceful, respected, abundant, aligned and connected. In other words, drama free. When we choose for Love and Compassion in all activity there is no need to struggle with fear. Love is the higher choice and vibrationally; fear is dispelled. Do you see the magic in this? Dis-spelled; as fear is a spell from the

anti-life forces. Choosing Life, and harm to no Life is expansion. Fear is constriction.

A life of no fear is a life of no illusion. The natural progression from there is multiple streams of abundance in all areas of Joy, support and opportunities to be supportive.This is what is fashion forward and solution based. All systems that include fear based thinking also contain its destruction in the original designing of it.

Drama is for those with unhealed trauma from living with those who seek to control and crave power over you. Why give your God given freedoms and solution based options to those who strive to give you the only option of your choices being taken away ? No one can do this without your permission. These Ones who will always choose to lay seemingly unsolvable issues in your path are the Ones whom have created the problems for this purpose. Are these who you choose to lead you? This is Drama reality TV playing out in your world. If this is allowed to continue; we will always be choosing less is more for us. Have you yet to notice all of these decisions being made for us are always based in "for your protection" being the reason? Are you not intelligent enough to use your own mind on how to functionally perform in this society?

When the choice is made to free your mind of illusion, the result is critical thinking and choosing instead to live and make choices that are heart based and common-unity based. The mind is a supercomputer, however, it was always meant to be slaved to the heart. Our hearts being five thousand times more magnetically powerful than the mind was always designed to be the captain of the ship. I am grateful for your considering and reading this.

Gratitude (great attitude) magnifies abundance back to you!

I follow a protocol that includes critical thinking. I am an adult in this society. I Am

gave me/us Cosmic and natural laws to follow. If we choose against them, then we suffer. If they are used as guidelines, then we are choosing freely to experience Joy of being service and receive also in all situations. Please choose quickly here, as your choices for this are being stripped away at an incredible and increasing pace.

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