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Self Love 101

Creation and Self-love 101: The simplicity of Creation is that we create all things as Divine Sentient Co-creators. The takeaway is we have also created all our challenges. You have all the power! You can choose to keep it and stay on the high road with each challenge or give your power away to the agendas of those who would take over your powerful creative vehicles. This is your choice!

By recognizing that we cannot disassociate ourselves from this process, because we created challenges to develop ourselves in this process; we can choose to skip the natural and socially programed reaction response phase, which is just simply giving our power away to something outside you. We can choose instead to focus on creating the self-empowering positive solutions that always exist equally in each moment. One simply chooses for one of or a combination of the tools of Love as not to fall into the illusion trap and consensual conscription that the forces of anti-life are pressuring you with. Love protects Life !!! Anti-life forces are falling away fast as they are no longer being supported in a loving Universe. They are parasites of your Loving light as they have none! They are now in their final battle for their very existences! To stay present, THEY NEED YOUR LOVE LIGHT and will try anything to steal it from you! You are the Light! You are literary made of love as this is the frequency that holds matter together in this Universe. Standing tall in your sovereignty doesn’t allow for them to steal from you. These are the tools of Love. Justice, Truth, Knowledge, Power, Coherence, Beauty, Kindness, Understanding, Empathy, Compassion, Patience, Ease, Grace, Purpose, Appreciation, Caring, Gratitude, Protection and so many more! These are also the names of the unemployed Angels that you can send into areas, situations and events through your loving intention and the divine connection in your heart. It’s an amazing and incredibly simple way to stay on top of these huge cosmic shifts that we are currently in. I call this, the building of your surfboard. These choices allow us to stay above the waves and not be trampled by them pushing us underwater. These are the very same boards that we will ride into the next dimension of exquisite paradise on the other side of this area of space we are moving through. You are simply passing through and currently in the transition zone; the cosmic wake, called the galactic current sheet. This is the final Love and Sovereignty exam that we have all worked for thousands of years to get to! It is here now, and you can surf like a pro. Ascension is simply raising your vibration high enough to see from the top of the mountain. This is also called enlightenment. Remember Fun? Love? Excitement ? Curiosity? Joy? Appreciation? Gratitude? Freedom? All Life affirming. The only choices here are to support Life (love) or anti-life (fear). Love gives, fear steals. Love informs, while fear holds back critical information for its’ intention is to get you to give it your power, your light and to get you to choose for something less than Love. This requires your consent! Please don’t let past trauma’s,confusions and the actions of others (whom are simply your mirrors) allow you to be fooled into anger! No one can anger anyone who wasn’t angry already! Anger stems from past traumatic challenges. If you experience anger, then simply understand that you are learning or remembering a challenge that you haven’t overcome yet. This is self-love 101. If you are experiencing anxiety it is simply the physiological reaction to fear’s agendas. Anxiety is the unrecognized or missing information that will be your informant of the unrecognized truths. When we meditate and breath love into any trauma, we are sending in the forces of heaven within us and applying the lenses of love and light into it these illusions to overwhelm any sense of lack. This is remembering who you truly are. 💕✨Rev. Paul Zoino-OM

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