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Still-points and the breath of Life

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

How we choose to use our freely gifted universal Life Energy is our unlimited power of potential. What we believe and how we apply it is what creates the status of that fate. Acceptance of any premise that we are less than the Creator of our own realities is the first primary sin against Source Creation and therefore against self. Choosing for our own corruption is a powerful misuse of energy. We have been misled into believing in lack and being less than who we truly are, and that requires our participation.

Every seven seconds One has the capability to reset and tap into unlimited potential and realign with Life’s perfection. This is called the breath of Life. Each In-breath contains the receiving of uncorrupted universal photonic light. At the top of this in-breath is a still-point. A still-point as I define it here, is defined as the transitional node between two states of being.

At the top of an in-breath, this space contains and represents unlimited potential. It is the transitional space of Creation within you to define y/our next set of experiences. The ultimate use of the in-breath still-point is to allow Creation to guide this moment and give back to Creation its version of how this breath is to be put in motion. The in-breath still-point uncorrupted, holds only unlimited potential of Life’s indescribable intelligence that we can only surrender to if perfection is to be mirrored.

The out-breath is the installation of these chosen photons of potential into the greater physiology, of which includes all the bodies at once. These are the physiological and Spiritual, Soul, Etheric, Astral, mental, emotional, chemical, and all the other points of consciousness and Cymatic coherent focuses of individual awareness. In the still-point of the out-breath is the experience of personal power of these photons being utilized into physical motion.

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