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Subject: How to heal yourself in eight easy steps.

The Question asked and how it is asked is always what sets the tone for the information that can be received. These are simply channeled questions and answers from channeling sessions years ago and not the steps. The steps will be an ongoing blog transmission. I will label each step as it is shared. This Q & A was the what eventually lead to the eight steps. 1) If Life is what we are, than can it be what I want ?

Answer: Yes if you take control of yourself with personal responsibility. 2) Can humanity be a cooperative collective in every sense ?

Answer: Yes, when humanity continually expands it's scope of perspectives to new level

of understanding as an ongoing focus. 3) Can I be happy, productive, loving and supportive of myself and all others ?

Answer: Yes, by creating a new outlook. 4) What am I here to accomplish?

Answer: If you surrender to the greater part of yourself and embrace the new paradigm,

then the answer is: what makes you the most genuine you, is who and what you are, and

why you are here. 5) Have I been here before this lifetime ?

Answer: All answers come when you achieve acceptance of yourself and who you are

and the process. When you learn to enter your energy house, in time, all will be revealed. 6) What is pain and is it necessary ?

Answer: Accept pleasure and pain as part of this learning process. Be the change that

you want to see in the world. 7) Why do I and others get sick, develop conditions and eventually diseases?

Answer: Accept that; what you refuse to learn, Life will teach you.

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