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Surfing the Cosmic Ascension waves, March, 2021

This is what LIFE is directly showing me on this: March 2021

Intuition now seems to demand a balance that has up until now, was not required at the level it is now. The bifurcation of timelines has hit a critical mass. The timelines have begun to split to the point whereas we are not only NOT able to hold or provide the energy for anyone else, but also, we are NOT to take on their choices as mitagators to smooth out their choices. We are now being called to allow for the individual(s) to see what they have previously chosen not to see, make and take responsibility for their own choices, actions, or lack thereof. It is being shown to me now that a complete understanding and support of the internal, and receptive, is personally as required as the direct appropriate action is on the external. This is completely new level of the Creator's engagement into the 3D plane or the current now energetic platform and playground.

Life is no longer allowing for anything but Sovereignty. Life is now going to set our boundaries for Us as groups, families and individuals by creating Synchronicity to bring us closer or further apart for or from others appropriately.

If we choose not to adhere to the energetic shift changes of this new moon Cosmic wave then we will find ourselves out of its flow very quickly as you have now probably already witnessed in yourself.

This did not happen arbitrarily. The Right action discernment tool was added to the fifth chakra as the 5th attribute of the fifth chakra. (55)

This occurred after protection was fully installed as the 4th attribute of the fifth chakra(45).

Before that, Protection was the upper heart chakra as an attribute.

The upgrade includes the upper heart chakra to now become "full connection". Yay!

Full connection was given to us as new chakra activation along with right action in the second half of the last moon cycle. These came online then and are now fully activated.

These direct hardware attributes have come online as new tools to be used immediately as navigation and discernment tools. We are to incorporate these attributes within acknowledgement, acceptance, and gratitude. If we are to accept ourselves in being graced through these powerful ascension waves. Life now requires that we step up a level of clarity and coherence to incorporate these changes in ease and grace. The flow of Life in this part of the cosmic river; (Earth) is going to separate many. It will do so because, this is what is required to organize the cosmos for this total system upgrade process now occurring and Gaia's continued ascension.

Wild changes in the outer world are about to occur or continue depending on your personal perspectives.

The keys to engaging these upgrades present themselves to me as Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the new paradigm; open receptivity to the changing landscape, complete understanding that this is all happening for us as not only for our highest and best, but also, just the next part of the ongoing Cosmic upgrade. Full acceptance in full appreciation leads us through this open door.

If we choose to move with the flow forward by dropping any personal resistances, then we are choosing to and continuing forward as pure golden gratitude Children of the most high. I celebrate your journey as yours! I continue to look forward to assisting, guiding,

and advocating for your journey with you as needed. Hugs from Cape Cod; Warmest regards. Paul

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