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The dream of Destiny, Happy new moon, April, 2021

The apples once picked, free their aromatic fragrances.

This essence fills the world with beauty, and richness that promise has now fulfilled.

Be us the farmers or the fruit........ It does not matter.

For when we welcome the changes that are pouring out at our feet, we're opening to the vastness of the unlimited.

The child with in us holds the magical mystical light... in merging of .. what will be.

I have come to welcome all.. and refuse none.

I choose for the richness that changes consistently gift us,. in this Presence, yet still veiled from the physical eyes of many.

I Am: …… the Archer of fire arrows.. is letting loose Volleys of love and light, striking into the heart of empowerment and Sovereignty,

igniting upliftment, raising each, high on the pillar of personal Truth.

These flaming arrows deliver hope to inspire the afflicted, abandoned and neglected.

Tracking their flight, propels us to new heights of attainment!

When in flight, they burn brilliantly, illuminating the world of the sorrowful and mirror challenged and daring each of us to smile in the face of our own self abandonment.

Let us flow unencumbered.

Let us be the desire of the ages and the deliverance of Freedom unbounded.

Let us be the unlimited Ones whom we were always intended to be.

This is the dream within the dream, becoming Lucid and realized with the deliverance from all that was.

Let this be the challenge accepted in this time. and the deliverance of what was always to be. Joy - the only truth is bathed in Creation's light.

It is here and it is now.

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