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The greatest Sadness to each of our souls is the ghost of what could have been.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Are we separated from our Souls? When we experience less than what our Souls hold for us here and we then pass out of this body; we have created the anti-matter of what could have been. This is why we lovingly reincarnate to create new potentials of success in this process. As The prime creator of my experience and as I choose through co-creation with the Creator's energy; I am an actor in a play that I am creating.

We can only catch a glimpse of Oneness until the ascension experience reestablishes our DNA back to it's wholeness. Until the ascension experience; we can only hold the vision of any one thing for as long as when the next natural instinct takes over. The Oneness however, experiences itself from the whole and the individual/s all having their own story-line experiences. Did the Ocean create the drop and isn't the Ocean's experience also created by the drops that make it up? And Isn't it both?

What makes the drops stick together? Love: Love is this universe, consciousness it's experience, and Spirit it's movement. Feeling our gravity is feeling Love. The attraction is Love. The bonds are Love. Us moving separately and together experiencing all experiences are because of Love. Love is: therefore we are. Are you in Love? I am.

The Angels study attributes in their schools. Trust, Joy, Happiness, Communication, Beauty, Oneness, Protection, Coherence, Cohesion, Cooperation, Understanding, Support, Generosity, Healing, Loving and a host of other attributes are the courses they school on to expand their abilities to serve the Creator. There is no end to their schooling potential as is ours.

We however, have come here with a Soul. Our Souls are guidebook depositories of who we came here to be and once recognized and aligned with; we can begin our journey home.

All is within. We create our mirrors that we call our outside world. I created you and you created me. How could it be any other way? If you are being stolen from, then it is you that is the thief. No one can steal anything from you only you can steal from yourself. If I create an enemy then it is I whom have the enemy inside of me. If I can create a lover then it is the lover inside me mirroring what I couldn't yet give myself. If I am Joy, however, then it is the mirror of the true resistance free reflection of the Creator and I, as one reflecting on Itself.

Are you Love? Are you in Love? I am; everyday, all the time. I only miss you in what could be, to me what is, and all the love I want to share with you while we are so fleetingly in these physical bodies. I recognize you, I see you and I see me within this vision. I am love.

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