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The Most Genuine You

I am the witness; I am witnessing the left and the right to be two arms of the same body. The rhetoric is moving to such an extreme, that polarity is splitting apart all who take part in taking sides. The forces of Chaos use this to move the goal posts and ensure that a Unified human race never happens. Split the defense is merely a strategy to stay in power. There is good news however and I will get to it.

Please know that what you: (the greater you or all of us as individuals) believe, is the truth (for that person) and is perfect for that person in that moment.

This is how we evolve as humans. Let's face facts that what anyone believed; ten years ago, has changed significantly, unless they have shut themselves down to new information. Judgment is the shutting down of being receptive to new information. This can easily lead to denial. Condemnation is simply projection. Condemnation, criticism, and belittling in all forms are simply tools of a fear based power systems and ego challenges. Only the tools of love will deliver us from the pervasive evil that still has humanity befuddled.

Humanity has been screwed with on a level consistently above it's capacity to see the forest for the trees. Those who see and are in truth; not human truth, but Life's truth, are the ones using their hearts to discern. Our heads are like puppies on a leash if the heart is not in full control.

The way showers are the Ones leaving the space open for the highest and best outcomes. These are the ones who have moved from their heads to their hearts and have taken advantage of their time to improve themselves and in doing so, all others and therefore are bringing in the most light. The light will win eventually. All light is light and will find it's appropriate place in its' own divine time for each who seek and allow for it.

I call this the sacred neutral edge. This is what LIFE is doing right now with the kids. Life is showing us that through splitting the goal posts (left and right) that it creates a third more open area for us all to congregate in. This is where the purest light will come in and the highest and best timelines can be experienced. White light, as you know, contains all the other spectrums. Humanity is simply being introduced to the sacred neutral edge where Life's truth will Unify humanity to overthrow the forces of chaos and move into the Golden age. Being the most genuine you is what and how you were created to be and that is perfect, unique and beautiful.

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