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The Spiritual War - Fear VS. Love

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

To loving people, Fear vs. Love sounds strange or even alien to our innate psyche.

Love gives, shares, cooperates, mitigates and informs, while monitoring the effects for optimizing the resources; delivering and adapting responsible solutions.

Fear opposes, steals and lies to manipulate outcomes towards it's capitalization agendas

of force, control and coercion. Fear infiltrates, infects, modifies, dominates and capitalizes on the destiny of love's efforts. We know this, and yet it is still not only widespread; fear has only increased it's efforts to dominate this planet and it's people.

All highly desirable social systems designed to cooperate, enhance, support or

regulate human activities in a beneficial way have been attacked, infiltrated and subverted to confiscate and control the normal flow of beneficial energies, goods and services.

Fear is the source of every contrast and challenge that we have ever faced.

Does fear serve a purpose or enhance us in any way? It does actually, in many ways.

Fear brings information and contrast. Fear shows us our weaknesses and potential mistakes. Fear is a teacher of separation and the opponent to spar with while we exercise our concepts of will and free will to gain the insight we all need to evolve towards a self sustaining paradigm. Fear isn't to be judged or recoiled from for it is simply a shadow that has yet been brought into the light. If we judge any others we are judging ourselves and cutting off new information to process through the shadowed area. This is an all stop scenario as Fear is to be recognized as a boundary or guild post for intelligent problem solving only. When fear raises it's head it is a clear signal that we have yet to learn past where we have gotten too in our present evolution as a species.

Humanity has been recalcitrant and slow to move from being head centric to heart centric in it's natural evolution. Whether that is true or not requires a much larger or universal view. Fear has a role here in moving us forward and challenging every step. Fear creates suffering and requires you to focus on it and give it your personal energy. Fear forces forward motion and intelligent evolution or suffer. It spurs the light on and into areas of challenges otherwise unseen. Fear is the balance and the examiner of intention.

How are you right now? Are you in a position of abundance in all forms in your Life experience? Do you have what you need to live a life of Joy? Do you have your health?

Are you hungry? Are you starved for Life force energy in relationships or abilities to joyfully experience your Earth journey? If you are, then you have been challenged by fear and are being motivated by Fear and suffering towards action as inaction is the surrender of your will energy that feeds Fear and makes it an even stronger force against recognizing your purpose and Soul mission.

The balance of fear and love without emotional attachment is the sacred neutral point of the fulcrum of your experience. Only when One attains the sacred neutral viewpoint; can One recognize the new platform from where we all can individually and collectively rise

above all natural impulses to react. Only then are we in cooperation with both forces in nature as this is a polarized universal experience.

Eventually, One rises in vibrational frequency. When this occurs; One sees each force equally as tools to discern our personal and collective truths. I or we then enters the experiential zone of allowing for Wisdom to speak as we are leaving our individual mind and joining forces with the universal mind. The individual mind will always be self centric and the universal mind is always inclusive of the greater Self.

The greater self is termed the higher self or Presence. It is the Creator force within that animates your individual body and the collective experience, allowing for every life stream experience. The Presence is the Ocean that allows for each of it's drops to have a localized and/or collective experience.

If One is stolen from and forgives; they have recognized the greater truth that we

truly cannot own anything that has not been given, earned or received. We can possess something temporarily or more accurately it is on loan. If everything is energy in it's core nature, then how can we not recognize all density material to originate from the Universal Ocean itself? The universal Law of abundance can now be aligned with when One recognizes the nature of Love and Life itself is expansion and not possession.

The Universe by nature is love as it creates the entire playground and all potential within itself for you to play in. "All the world is indeed a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayers; each another's audience outside the gilded cage". From a Universal standpoint then; is not Fear a balancing force that has been conscripted to fight against the natural tendency to think and act small? Is this not the balancing of forces in the choice for self service or service to others? If I forgive myself and all others, then I free myself from being held captive in the past. If I forgive all others, then I set the stage to be the creator of all of my experiences. I will then be unencumbered by fear, as I have taken full responsibility for my Creation, even if I am subconscious of any particular part of it.

Becoming heart centric is a very short distance and also a life long journey. Our Souls, Soul families and Over-souls are striving towards achieving this evolution.

It begins with the personal choice for Heaven within and dedicating Oneself the journey from the head to the heart. The heart is approximately 5000 times magnetically stronger than the brain and what we all will be eventually called home too. Becoming heart centric is a life worth living and striving forward while moving towards the indescribable Oneness.

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