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The Tenants of Successful Creation

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I have been given what my guides have termed “tenants” which translates to Occupy. These are principles to live by that when taken on, occupy your consciousness in such a way that guides each choice and awareness in each changing now. You, You, You for you means that you will always be your own best friend or your own worst enemy in moving through the challenges created by the simple choice of swimming up or downstream. We can choose to swim against the current or with the currents of Life! What do you choose? Swimming downstream and creating your most loving worlds with Ease, Grace and Trust has been offered here.

Tenant # 1, Choosing for the highest and best for yourself and everyone involved in that order. This ensures that you are well enough to help others and yourself.

Tenant #2, Take personal responsibility of everything even if you’re not aware of what that is.

This allows for your guidance to keep in front of you all your options.

Tenant # 3 Plus Plus, becoming and agreeing on becoming a Plus to and in your world in every way and attracting only plus people into your life. This only allows for your highest trajectory with social interactions in potential.

* Technology associated with tenant: Utilize the Karma eating technology application of: is this mine or is this someone else’s? Take responsibility for what is yours only.

Tenant # 4 Becoming only Love and above and agreeing to only using the tools of love in your creation.

Technology: Become aware of all of your own behaviors to eliminate the use of any the tools of fear in the creation process.

Tenant # 5 Wisdom comes from experience, Life is a journey and not a destination. If you are following your own Life path then you will come to understand that you cannot control anything beyond your arms reach. You are not to attempt to control anyone else. Life and everyone else is perfect exactly the way they are even if you do not as yet understand this. It is not for you to understand, however, it is your responsibility to figure out what to do with it. The understanding will eventually become wisdom.

Tenant # 6 Trust the Creator of who you are matter what. The Creator or (Big G) is everything, all time, and all experience combined of every type of conscious that ever was, is now and ever will be, in real time, existing in now time and is a conglomeration of all of the combined knowledge, wisdom and power, on a scale that we do not have the descriptive or computational capacity to ever even get close to being able to fathom, never mind articulate.

Tenant # 7 Live fashion forward. Do not worry about any changes that Life is presenting to you. Change is one of the highest forms of love that the Creator or (Big G) has for you as a gift. If you to accept the potentials of a much better circumstance or outcome or atleast leave the space open for a better outcome that you may not have the awareness for yet, miracles can manifest. Do not judge the potentials for change as essentially they are only limited to your Life experience level, especially changing relationships!

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