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Trading the Mind Matrix of judgement for heart-centric discernment.

In short, we are not our minds. We are preprogrammed by society to be Mind centric/Mind electric. This is the Maya or the great forgetting. Past Life programs: also termed Karma, are still running in our DNA body computer. Cellular memory is powerful and activates seemingly at random times. Many of us experience seemingly random events that change the course of our Live’s direction and focus all the time. The greater scheme of life in the 3rd dimension has a role to play in our Life’s experience. Humans are experiencing what is termed “the Human condition”. We are seemingly not in control of our world’s. This would include the inner and outer world, internal, personal, and collective.

Through the application of the Hermetic Principles, Cosmic Laws, and spiritual practices we can apply the higher vibration technologies to our personal lives and utilize discernment in all our encounters to make choices that change our human condition back to what was always intended for us here on Earth. This is the Earth school concept that was introduced long ago.

We need to know initially what judgement does. The mind uses Judgement. It creates a mental box. The Universe is Mind and has been discussed at length by Walter Russel. This is also a Hermetic Principle. When we make a judgement, we are creating a box that does not allow for any other information to be applied and shuts down the mind to alternative thought. When One Uses the brain in the heart; One sees new possibilities that allow for and utilizes the universal mind’s information and Wisdom. Becoming heart-centric while living in the question allows for new information. It is the dropping of resistance to the Universal flow and opening to receive learning from the higher self.

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