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You are in good company.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

When people pass over from this experience; they leave behind all of what the Soul has

produced for them that went unfulfilled in any way. It is the anti-matter that is what permeates this place when the physical matter or body is no longer animated.

This isn’t a belief; it is a mechanic of this physical construct we call Earth School.

When One ascends or has been ascended, we enter a new phase of paradigm that includes only Wholeness.

Before the ascension experience; everything is fleeting in it's nature. After the ascension experience; wholeness, or the reconstruction of the complete DNA potential is the process that begins at that time. The initial ascension experience is one of experiencing being on Earth; born again as a new Soul in the actively ascending body. There is no more karma. One experiences a pristine freshness and a clean and direct connection to Source. You are then gaining energy in each breath, expanding in realms long forgotten and buried deep in what seams to be the remembrance of the Cosmic Dream. In this transforming staate of the DNA, there are ecstatic waves of gentle harmony that restore the Soul to it’s rightful place within the physical body. You are just the tip of that Iceberg and you get to know and understand the Cosmos is you in every way as the reconnection to our higher self Presence solidifies.

Who are you? Are you complete? Do you believe that you cannot know? One can never find what One is not looking for. One cannot recognize that which is unfamiliar if One does not take into account the potential that we were made to be so much more.

There is a covenant, a trust and at least one contract that you made before you came here to Earth school and your cosmic memory wiped. It is buried deep within us, so deep in fact, that it takes life times to even understand that it is a possibility. So you are not alone. You are in good company, so to speak.

The greatest Sadness to each of our souls is the ghost of what could have been. Many whom have come to Earth have had this true reconnection experience and have moved on. They graduate having completed the courses and experienced the Soul being restored in completion of their mission here. The energy accumulation to leave this plane transforms them into light or a resurrection phase is quickly initiated leaving the 3rd dimensional paradigm intact. In the Oneness of all things we are all in good company.

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