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You, You, You for You

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The first principle of Creation is that you are it’s prime creator. What you experience is your creation that you created with “The Prime Creator’s energy”. The Creator of who we are or (big G) is 100% invested even though the person that you know as you may or may not knowingly be. The Creator has to experience what you create, because the Creator is the Creation, however, you by your choices, are steering the ship anyway that you choose! You create this Universe with your belief system and choice of how you use your free will. Quantum physics has caught up to metaphysics and has now been able to explain this in it’s terms as “we cannot prove this universe exists beyond a simulation”. That is the You for You.

You for you means that, as a you strip away all your bodies, all your choices, all your experiences, all your thoughts, feelings, questions, inferences, senses, your mind, past lives, connection to the higher or universal mind; you are then only left with only one thing and that is pure awareness. Pure awareness has only two inherent traits; awareness and a vested interest in itself as awareness. This type of curiosity about itself and it’s surroundings are first contact in this universe or your first experience of you as a creation in primordial creation.

You, You, You for You is when you are aligned with the creation process in a way that is only beneficial to yourself as whole and complete and as this creation is as a whole and exists in the truth of it’s Oneness. Until we experience this, we cannot get there. We cannot be truly healed and understand that we really were created originally as perfect. Ascension or raising your vibration to the level of Spiritual transformational shift thresholds are a simple matter of eliminating all resistances and understanding that you were always in control of this process in Life. Life is the medium of which we move/swim through, like the salmon swimming in the streams. We as humans use experience and conscience to be and always has been our teachers.

We as humans are confused about this for the most part as the illusion of separateness leads to competition and scarcity. The outside world however, is only a projection, created from your belief system. My suggestion is to simply Love life, all life, because you are life. If you do this long enough then you will be rewarded with riches beyond your imagination.

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