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Forty thousand/minute average negative ion producing card is good for multiple applications.

These cards are excellent for EMF remediation. They prolong food’s shelf life. They can be used in energy saving if placed in high electrical use areas.


These cards have been used successfully for pain and inflammation reduction. They are also good to de-acidify coffee, wine and teas. They can help mitigate food toxins by placing one under your food plate and or glass. They can help the human body process foods and water more efficiently and help the cells eliminate toxins. They have been found to be excellent for mitigating night terrors if placed under or in your pillow at night. They have been used to charge water over time and the water begins to produce ions by itself.


Power Saving Card Retail $ 10.00/per card.
$ 5.00/card for 5 or more. Includes Shipping in the continental U.S.


* Power saver card Negative Ion Card with 40,000/min. average output


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Power Saving Card

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