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Story Cube®

Soul Alignment Reading


Align with your inner guidance.
What are your connections?
Are you marshaling your forces?
Are you connecting to your mission here?
Are you on track?
Get the answers to some of these questions and more!

20 plus minutes /40 $
Insight is precious! You are worth it!

Seven times Seven Chakra Reading


This intuitive reading is an exceptionally revealing diagnostic for the person being read. The positive energy flow and/or blockages of their systems are revealed on an energetic level.

The energetic level is the most informative that we have as Humans. It encompasses the entire electromagnetic spectrum in potential. It is also the simplest, most noninvasive and self-empowering level that we as facilitators of healing can work with. This also includes the potential to add several layers beyond, like Akashic Records and the individual bodies layers.

The seven times seven reading is based on the seven levels of the seven main chakras in the body. Each chakra has a representation of itself in each chakra. In other words; each chakra has it’s hermetic “as above so below” component of the other chakras.

The 7 X 7 diagnostic reading is $ 125/session


In Studio Sessions 


Private one-on-one sessions: uniquely created for you sessions are available.

* Energy session-Reading and energy assessment

     * I will assess and identify for you the blocks that are

       affecting your full potential. We can then create an effective     

       session treatment to remove the blocks to your progress in

       any area of your Life-stream experience.

* Energy session using sound

     * Lay back on a treatment table or in the reclining treatment  

       chair as you are immersed in a field of pure bliss as layers of 

       sound move through your body on a molecular level. We can 

       immerse you in physical vibrations as well putting you right

       into a bliss state of relaxed enjoyment!

Exchange $ 125/hr.


  * Spiritual alignment session - 60 minutes $ 125.00


  * Elemental rebalancing: tuning fork session 20 minutes - $ 40.00


  * Brain tuning: Tuning Fork session 20 minutes - $ 40

  *  Immune boost recharge: 30 minutes - $ 60.00

    * Both together: 60 minutes - $ 90.00


  * Octavial Re-patterning: Each session is 1 hour $ 125

    * recommended 12 recurring individual sessions.

    * Sign up for all 12 and receive a $ 300 discount. $ 1,200.00 total

      See below for more information on Octavial Repatterning

  *Family and Business treatments are available in the studio room. Come       safely enjoy a uniquely couples, family or business experience! Prices         available upon request. See for more         information and prerecorded online sessions memberships will be added     soon.


I just had my 2nd session with Paul Zoino and it was fabulous on many levels.

The first is that I really noticed a progression from the first session.  I am more

connected and confident because of my initial session with him and the insights

he provided specifically for me. The second session was also completely

individual and focused on personal growth. We addressed physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual topics in a very novel way. Paul not only worked on me, but

also, he worked with me to empower me to step up and shine this little light of

mine! He is full of insights and works from a place that is confident and kind.

He is fully present and my experience left me feeling great and having tools to

use to help me on my path. Thank you Paul. ~JNN

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