Channeling Practitioner Training

Learning to Channel - What is a Certified channel?

We will be exploring the Inner Realms!
The beginners course is 5 trainings on consecutive Thursdays @ 7pm at the Masjah Center beginning on Thursday 12/9/21.
$ 35/class or $ 150 up front that is
non-refundable. This training is in Studio.
We will cover:
*The Basic Human Energy blueprint.
*The process of Channeling and the fear
  of success.
*How to be completely protected and     
  connect safely, eliminating fear and 
  connecting with your most powerful You.
*How to efficiently and effectively get            
  answers for yourself and others.
*How to cleanse and clear yourself and  
*In between class exercises, meditations and
  Self-Empowerment instruction included.
*Certification included.

Advanced Channeling Certification:
  Also 5 Trainings includes:
*Same price terms for continuing 
*The Tools of Love, eliminating the 
  tools of Fear and the role of shadow work
  in clearing your Life Vessel.
* Advanced techniques of Now space and 
* Advanced techniques of Akashic records  
  and Spiritual advocacy. 
* Energy transference and remote   
* Advanced protection and influencing
  techniques for working with Benevolence

Please email me your intentions at and Venmo me directly at PZMMM to hold your spot, Paypal me @ 5083675301 or Paul Zoino, or make arraignments by direct contact. Thank You so much! Sir Rev. Paul Zoino-OM