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Channeling Practitioner Training

Multiple week series offered. Series begins on Tuesday 11/6/23 at 6pm to 7:30pm at the Masjah Center's main event room or on Zoom. Come explore key elements of safely gaining knowledge and insight. You can align with the most powerful you! We will explore multiple ways to connect and support your processes that enhance your Life and everyone around you by increasing your personal power, focus and effectiveness through enhanced coherence and acceptance. Explore steps that lead to homeostasis, well being and joy. $40/ class to join or $175 for the 5 class Non CE certificate. Limit 4 people in studio. Zoom alternative available at the same price.

Learning to Channel - What is a Certified channel?
We will be exploring the Inner Realms!
The beginners course is 5 trainings on consecutive Tue
sdays,  6pm at the Masjah Center beginning on Tuesday 11/6/23 is in Studio and on Zoom.
We will cover:

*The Basic Human Energy blueprint.
*How to be completely become protected, 
  and connect safely, eliminating fear and 
  aligning with your most powerful You.
*How to efficiently and effectively get            
  answers for yourself and others.
*How to cleanse and clear yourself and  
*The process of Channeling and the fear 
  of success.
*In between class exercises, meditations and
  Self-Empowerment instruction included.
*Certification is also included.
$ 40/class or $ 175 up front that is
  non-refundable. Limit 4 people.Please email me your intentions at and Venmo me directly at @PZMMM to hold your spot, or make arraignments by direct contact. Thank You so much! Sir Rev. Paul Zoino-OM



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