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Spiritual Empowerment Training

Multiple week series offered. Series begins on Thursday 4/06/23 at 7pm to 8:30pm at the Masjah Center's main event room. Come explore key elements of, or enhance your current knowledge and understanding in what you can do to align with the most powerful you! We will explore multiple ways to connect and support your processes that enhance your Life and everyone around you by increasing your personal power, focus and effectiveness through enhanced coherence, acceptance and understandings. Explore steps that lead to homeostasis, well being and joy. $ 25/to join the group session. Limit 8 people in studio. Zoom alternative available at the same price. Please email me your intentions at and Venmo me directly at PZMMM to hold your spot, Paypal me @ 5083675301 or Paul Zoino, or make arraignments by direct contact. Thank You so much! Sir Rev. Paul Zoino-OM



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