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Sound Healing Cape Cod

Sound Healing Cape Cod welcomes you. Why sound healing? White Sage may clean the air, but sound cleans the room. Sound permeates all the molecules in a room. It vibrates and rearranges the rooms’ energy signature. It vibrates your cells and the water in your body. Sound communicates with your central nervous system, communicates with your bones and all of your immune functions. It shakes loose the energetic heaviness, cellular toxins and helps ionize and process that energy. This helps to create a balanced internal flow harmonic. We all need to dissipate stuck energies and resistances within us. Sound therapy can create an adjustment and clearing that allows the toxins to become available to flush. The action of pure tones help you move your consciousness forward. This is not woo woo information; it is factual and it is science! The science of Cymatics from Hans Jenny









and the work of Dr. Emoto demonstrate this effectively to the skeptical mind.

Sound and music change Our moods by chemically releasing endorphins and nitric oxide in the blood having a profound effect on our autonomic nervous systems. Pure tones induce a central nervous system shift from Sympathetic (Fight or Flight system) to the Parasympathetic system of healing and receiving. This is the chemical and neurological science ! Sound healing helps to promote calmness within by reducing stress and activating our bodies natural ability to heal itself. Sound is speechless therapy. It moves through us to dissolve the areas of resistance that we have created in the body that block Chi-Flow or our natural energy from flowing efficiently. Sound therapy releases subconscious cellular and atomic memory into our bodies systems to restore our physiological function helping you to regain your optimum operating levels. Sound can restore your body’s natural functions to heal itself and promotes homeostasis.

Sound Healing Cape Cod has moved to Weeki Wachee, Florida; home of the Mermaids. We will resume healing operations in 2024. Please check the event, our services, and Training Calendar tabs for all future offerings. Thank you so much! Blessings, Paul and Aisling

We use our talents and training to help you to gain new perspectives with these beautiful and relaxing sessions. Treat yourself by giving your mind and body the opportunity to recharge and repair cellular damage. We will help you create the bliss rejuvenation within. This can lead you toward greater clarity and well-being. Your sound healing session is unique and exceptionally powerful. Your sound massage, vibrational therapy session can restore your creative nature. You can then can open and relax into receiving restorative guided internal insights and inspirations. We use amazing instruments that create beautifully exquisite sounds that are keyed to your optimum levels that calm your body and help you to restore your soul. This is your return to natural and beneficial inner rhythms.


Please feel free to call, text or email me directly. Thank You! Blessings,

Rev. Paul Zoino-OM (508) 367-5301 or

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Sound Healing Cape Cod and Frequency528Hertz are both being privatized as a 

Private Membership Faith based Associations; combined as one under Wayshower Ministries. More to come.

Founder: Rev. Paul Zoino-OM, (508) 367-5301
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