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Our Services

Sound Healing Sessions by appointment only.

* In Studio sessions: Private one-on-one sessions: uniquely created for you sessions are available. Lay back on a treatment table or in the reclining treatment chair as you are immersed in a field of pure bliss as layers of sound move through your body on a molecular level. We can immerse you in physical vibrations as well putting you right into a bliss state of relaxed enjoyment!


Appreciation exchange        $  125/hr.

   Second session onward      $  100/hr.

   twice/week commitment     $   90/hr.


* Spiritual alignment session - 60 minutes $ 100.00

* Elemental balancing: tuning fork session 20 minutes - $ 30.00

* Brain tuning: Tuning Fork session 10 minutes - $ 20

Immune boost recharge: 45 minutes - $ 60.00

* Vibrational Therapy: Crystal Bowl, Crystal Tuning Fork and Tibetan bowl session

         Deep healing and relaxation session - 60 minutes - $ 125.00

        Add: second practitioner with Reiki and Herbal Essence Therapy

        Both together: 90 minutes - $ 175

        Couples/ $225

* Octavial Re-patterning: Each session is 1 hour $ 125

    * Recommended 12 recurring individual sessions.

    * Sign up for all 12 and receive a $ 300 discount. $ 1,200.00 total

      See below for more information on Octavial Repatterning

*  Family and Business treatments are available in the studio room.

    Come safely enjoy a uniquely couples, family or business experience!   

    Prices are available upon request by appointment only.

* Private Parties or Event are available upon request and are a custom 

   crafted co-creation with your vision of the event. Price based on the  

   request and travel distance.

Online Sessions:

  * Nervous system reboot - Stress reduction, mind chatter eliminator

    – 30 minutes/ $ 60

  * Immune boost recharge – 20 minutes/ $ 30

  * Elemental Re-balancing – 20 minutes/30

  * Spiritual Alignment session – 60 minutes/ $80

Sound healing event setup Pic.jpg

More information - The Power of Sound and Octavial repatterning.

Ancient civilizations have given us the understanding of the power of sound to heal and manifest our reality and possibly even cure all disease. Sound resonance and frequency is the source code and foundation to everything manifesting as matter. In the beginning was the word (sound) “Let there be light”. The sound moved the heavens and created the magnetic field which created light of which manifested the electromagnetic spectrum we call manifest reality. White Sage may clean the air, but sound cleans the room. Sound permeates all the molecules in a room; vibrates and rearranges the rooms’ energy signature. It shakes loose the dross or heaviness and helps ionize the energy. Sound and music change Our moods when our bodies are subject to it by chemically releasing endorphins and nitric oxide in the blood having a profound effect on our autonomic nervous systems. This helps create calm by reducing stress and activating our bodies natural ability to heal itself. Sound is speechless therapy. It moves through us hitting all the areas of resistance that we have created in the body that blocks Chi-Flow or the natural energy flow. It releases cellular and atomic memory our bodies systems must have to function at their optimum. Sound can restore your body’s natural functions to heal itself and restore cellular charge. Octavial repatterning is a restructuring sound energy treatment. It is designed to eliminate the vast subconscious background white noise programs that are running in and clogging our awareness. The subconscious programs drain our energy and help to create a brain fog effect. Octavial repatterning separates out the noise from the coherence we are when we are not hindered by these static extra programs. When we eliminate these extra programs, we are conserving energy and time for efficient internal processing. We experience this as only dealing with what is relevant in each moment creating an energy efficiency and optimum coherence. This internal state is also called homeostasis.

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